The EON way of doing things.

  1. who are we
    Eon Research is a company specializing in the design and manufacturing of innovative, transparent sounding audio equipment for the professional and musician market. Eon was founded by P. Athanasiou, an electronics engineer with a background of more than 25 years in the audio industry, working as an engineer, technician and designer for many companies. Mr Athanasiou created Eon in order to realize his specific ideas, techniques and knowledge to fill a gap in the audio world: to give back to audio equipment that bit of warm, organic sound that is usually missing from most modern equipment.
  2. what we do
    At Eon, we are not interested in making another "clone" guitar effect or a typical conventionally designed processor or amplifier like the thousands of often carbon copies already on the market today. On the contrary, our goal is to design and build genuine gear that delivers the best sonic and aesthetic results for the task at hand. In our unique Eon designs we use hand-picked vintage parts such as vacuum tubes, combined with modern high quality parts, while using new technology such as laser cutters and cnc machines to achieve our goal: the best sonic and aesthetic results.
  3. our philosophy
    During last decades, audio hardware industry focused more and more on finding ways to build cheap, mass-produced equipment. In doing so, they have compromised on audio quality, discarding older innovations and ways of doing things that focused on getting the best sound possible. Instead, they use the cheapest parts/designs/manufacturing possible, a tactic that leads to big losses in audio quality. The Eon way is different, we keep and use old, now abandoned audio technology and combine it with the latest innovations in components and manufacturing to give our products the best audio performance possible. At the same time, we make sure that our equipment is aesthetically pleasing by paying special attention to its design. To achieve our goal we use vintage parts while designing everything with the latest technology in cad and using laser cutters and cnc's to manufacture our machines while painting and finishing parts by hand and fine-tuning them by ear.
  4. why choose us?
    Our clientele consists of a wide range of audio professionals, studios, radio stations, pro and amateur musicians of various genres and positions in the industry that all share one thing: their quest for the best audio quality. Our ability to design and manufacture even one-off equipment for specific needs makes us the best choice for non-compromises audio gear.